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The embodiment of

An outgrowth of the personal testament of
S. Berliner, III
Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
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Light-weight Linguist, Lay Minister, and Putative Philosopher

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The embodiment of



Others over the ages have put forth their own personal statements of faith; some have become revered as prophets or sages, some have been ridiculed and relegated to the dust bin of history or oblivion.  I care not what people make of my own testament; it is a profound faith and a belief system that works for me and, if it brings comfort to others, well and good, and, if it is not acceptable to others, they can simply shrug it off.

To that end, I have the temerity, after over fifty years of thinking about it, to proclaim MONISMUS, the faith named, and the MONIST CHURCH, the belief system defined.

If nine other people feel that they wish to formalize the Monist Church, it can be incorporated under the Religious Corporation Act of the State of New York (or Massachusetts); I have little personal interest in the machinations of the law and the business world.

A word of explanation about names - there already is a philosophy called "Monism" (as opposed to Dualism or Pluralism) and a publication, "The Monist: An International Quarterly Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry", which have pre-empted those terms and so I adapted the words, coining "Monismus" from Monism, Unitarian Universalism, and the Mysterium Tremendum.

[Ernst Haeckel, the 1900 Darwin Medalist, who seems to have started a Monistenbund (Monist Church) in 1906, was considered a scientific fraud prior to 1890; that in no way deters me from using my coinage.]

"Monism" (from the Greek: vo, monos or "one"), as a philosophy, states that all of reality is of one kind, that mind and matter are essentially the same, but then goes on to split theological hairs ad finitum; I could not agree more with the basic premise, but for more pragmatic reasons, as you will see, if you continue.

Further, this being a personal testament, rather than a dogma or directive, I decided to write it in the first person.  No supreme being is dictating this to, or through, me.

So, if you wish to pursue this course through the cosmos with me, start with Monismus, The Book of Third Samuel and the Manifesto, wherein I propound my "world view".

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  Personal Political Manifesto.
    Death Penalty.

This is a work in progress - it may never even be finished (nor, probably, should it ever be).


The Monist Church

Basic tenets:

The Monist Church shall exist only to further the practice of Monismus, a faith or belief system for a modern world.

All organizational deliberations of the Monist Church shall be held openly and in a democratic manner.

Borrowing freely from the Unitarian Universalist tradition, the Monist Church shall respect the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are all a part.

Also borrowing freely from the Unitarian Universalist tradition, the Monist Church shall respect the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals.

The Monist Church shall promote free and responsible search for truth and meaning, freedom and responsibility being inherent aspects of liberty and justice.

Adapting the Universalist tradition, which states that all persons are capable of salvation, the Monist Church shall always work to enable all persons to achieve the maximum potential which their intellectual and physical abilities allow.

The Monist Church may ordain ministers as spiritual leaders but all members are called to minister to each other and the world.

Organizational leadership in the Monist Church must always be lay-led; there shall be no clerical heirarchy.

No one has jumped on the bandwagon (yet?) but, no matter, I shall survive, somehow.   added (29 Apr 2017)

More to follow.

This is a work in progress - it may never even be finished (nor, probably, should it ever be).



  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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